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Fatsac V-Drive Fat Sacs (Set) 400 Lbs. Each

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Size 42"L x 16"W x 16"H
Weight 400 each / 800 total lbs.

2 fill/vent - 1 drain

Sold as a set of two 400 lb ballast bags, the Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs Set works well in the rear lockers of v-drive boats or split up with one bag in the bow of the boat and one in the rear area.

The Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs are sold as a set and are designed to fit in the compartments on either side of the engine in v-drive boats. The vdrive sacs are perfect for building massive wakeboarding and wakesurfing wakes. They are the same height and width, but shorter in length than the Fly High Fat Sac, which makes them a perfect fit in the smaller lockers of v-drive boats.

A pair of v-drive sacs also works great on either side of the engine in a direct drive boat for a great wakeboard wake, or put one on the side of the engine, and one between the engine and rear seat for a perfectly surfable wave.