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Fatsac Supa Tsunami Pump

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Experience the speed and convenience of the Fatsac Supa Tsunami Pump. The self-priming design allows for a quick and effortless start, while the longer hose and power cord accommodate any size of boat. As the most quick and lightweight pump on the market, the Supa Tsunami will save you time and effort.


  • Lightest and fastest pump available from start to finish
  • New kink-proof clear helical tiger hose 
  • New 12.5' long hose for deeper hulls and longer boats 
  • 15’ long power cord perfect for longer boats
  • Stainless steel outlet adapter to prevent rust/corrosion
  • Same lightweight shell with a new gray color and new logo 
  • New motor inside that increases speeds up to 40% 
  • New proprietary custom machined FatSac fitting to replace the white elbow for 10% faster water flow 
  • Still the only self-priming pump on the market 
  • Includes all fittings to fill and empty with FatSacs
Fatsac Supa Tsunami Pump with hose
Fatsac Supa Tsunami Pump Sale price$251.99 Regular price$279.99