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Xtreme Air Vents Gen 5 Intake Vent Kit POLY

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Replace the wimpy torn intakes on your new turbo with these ultra durable intake vents. These vents come with a NEW extra heavy duty high quality US manufactured prefilter material, designed specifically for intakes. The material is wrapped over a NEW custom cut Poly backer.  No more worries about torn intakes and chipping ice. These vents can handle the beating. They simply screw on with special screws over the factory vent.

Why are these vents better than stock?  

  1. The material is wrapped over the frame which virtually eliminates the edges from tearing.  This makes it so the material can flex without tearing.
  2. The heavier pre-filter material resists tearing better when rolling the sled over or encountering trees and branches.
  3. Proven design for strength and durability.
  4. Poly frame will not bend or deform after repeated roll-overs.
  5. The ease of installing can literally be done on the mountain.  A spare set could easily be packed in your pack, tunnel bag or trailer.