Ski-Doo SR50 Utility Bag - 50 L

by Ski-Doo
$412.99 USD
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For big trips in the wild, a snowmobile cargo bag can be very useful especially with a capacity of 50 L (11 US gallons, 3,052 cu in), allowing you easy access to your storage. The SR50 utility snowmobile bag works with 135L LinQ Utility Cargo Box (860201781). Fully compatible with REV Gen4 (Wide) 20” & 24”.

Features Description Replaces passenger seat in seconds for additional storage. Quick release straps to easily access storage underneath. Waterproof to keep your cargo dry. 50 L (11 US gallon, 3,052 cu in) capacity. Works with the 135L LinQ Utility Cargo Box (860201781).
Fits on REV Gen4 (Wide) 20" & 24"
Fits on platform REV Gen4, REV Gen4 (Wide)
Great for usage Recreation Utility