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Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet (DOT) (Non-Current)

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Color:Charcoal Grey
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Power through peaks and valleys with the lightest Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet ever created. This industry-leading helmet designed with the iconic Ski-Doo colors and style has a better field of vision than any other modular helmet on the market. Built with advanced M-Forge composite technology for superior protection, this new heated snowmobile helmet is lighter than its predecessor, so you can ride for longer stretches without getting rider fatigue. The ultra-wide visor with heated chamber and retractable amber sun visor also help protect your sightline while providing you with enhanced clarity and zero spatial distortion, allowing you to you explore new playgrounds in full safety and comfort. DOT certified.

  • 4-year limited warranty.
  • Includes a rear removeable curtain and a vent in the chin curtain for extra airflow
  • Lightweight M-FORGE® Composite shell
  • Sun visor heated chamber.
  • Amplified heated visor with pivot contact system.
  • Retractable amber sun visor.
  • Prescription eyeglasses friendly.
  • Adjustable humidity extractor vents.
  • Unobstructed panoramic field of vision for an incredible mask-less riding experience.
  • Durable anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.
  • NCS System: Reduces noise
  • Robust detents allow precise opening adjustments for airflow.
  • Optional front LED utility light.
  • Neck skirt to reduce air intrusion.
  • Lightweight battery-less rear LED light for added rider safety.
  • eLinQ rear magnet connector.
  • Unique remote control with visor heat indicators.
  • Offered with amber sun visor for best vision in snow conditions.
  • Ready to receive communication system.
  • Operate all features with gloved hands.
  • 2 shell sizes for better fit and comfort.
  • Ratcheting quick-release chin strap.
  • Recyclable helmet shell for minimal environmental impact.
  • Aerodynamic shape to reduce neck fatigue.
  • 1850 g ± for size large.
  • D.O.T. certified
    Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet (DOT) (Non-Current)
    Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet (DOT) (Non-Current) Sale price$629.99 Regular price$899.99