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Ski-Doo Goggle Drying Bag (Non-Current)

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A goggle drying bag is a must when riding in the winter or when it rains! These snowmobile bags are designed specifically for a spare set of goggles. Keep the bag under the hood and it will heat, clear and dry your wet and fogged goggles in no time! Plus, it protects your goggles during bumpy rides. Compatible with REV Gen4 (Narrow).

Features Description Designed specifically for a spare set of goggles. Under hood heat clears and dries wet fogged goggles. Protects goggles during the ride.
Fits on REV Gen4 (Narrow)
Fits on platform REV Gen4, REV Gen4 (Narrow)
Great for usage Mountain
Ski-Doo Goggle Drying Bag (Non-Current)
Ski-Doo Goggle Drying Bag (Non-Current) Sale price$45.99 Regular price$52.99