Ski-Doo Combo Bag - 31 L (REV Gen4 (Narrow) (MXZ, Backcountry And Renegade))

by Ski-Doo
$232.99 USD
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Add extra equipment on your next snowmobile ride this winter. This cargo bag allows you to bring up to 31 L (8.2 US gallons) of equipment or tools. This thermoformed hard plastic snowmobile bag has multiple compartments with quick access. This accessory is fully compatible with REV Gen4 (Narrow) MXZ, Backcountry and Renegade.

Features Description 31-liter (8.2 US gallons, 1892 cu in) capacity. Multiple compartments with easy access. Thermoformed hard plastic base, semi-rigid top and sides. Vehicles with pull start require the Battery Cover (860201407).
Fits on REV Gen4 (Narrow) (MXZ, Backcountry and Renegade except Sport models)

Fits on platform REV Gen4, REV Gen4 (Narrow)
Great for usage Crossover, Touring, Trail