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Sea-Doo Two-Person Two-Way Sit-In Tube

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Sea-Doo Two-Person Two-Way Sit-in Tube

Designed for two persons
Multiple sit-in riding positions, sitting with their back against the backrest or on their knees
Can be pulled from the front or the rear depending of the choice of your riding position
24-gauge robust PVC bladder with 840/420 deniers heavy-duty full nylon cover
Includes soft foam area for sitting and foam knuckle-protection pads to avoid chafing
4 self-bailing drain vents
Tow system reinforced with 840 deniers nylon
Quick-connect tow hook
Padded valve cover
Puncture repair kit
2 Boston valves and one normal air valve in floor
Dimensions: 68" x 67" when inflated

Sea-Doo Two-Person Two-Way Sit-In Tube
Sea-Doo Two-Person Two-Way Sit-In Tube Sale price$377.99 USD