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Panther Waterspike 16 lbs Plated Steel Fluke Anchor

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WaterSpike 16 lbs Plated Steel Fluke Anchor (559400) by Panther®. Boat Length: 22' to 35', Material: Plated Steel. Developed and brought to popularity on the most rugged and structurally uneven body of water in all of Minnesota's Ten Thousand Lakes. Lake Mille Lacs was not only the reason the WaterSpike was created, but it's also the reason it's been proven the best anchor in existence. With the flick of your wrist, the WaterSpike will hold tightly on the lake bottom and release just as easy. The number one anchor used by professional anglers, the WaterSpike is the last anchor you will ever own.


Material: Plated Steel
Length: 28"
Width: 16"
Boat Length: 22' to 35'
Weight: 16 lbs


  • Incredibly light weight. Only 16 lb
  • Unmatched holding power in hard or soft bottoms
  • Unique Sliding Ring design guarantees release everytime
  • Completely collapsible for easy storage
  • Used by professional fishermen all over the world
  • Built to match your exact requirements
  • High quality you can rely on
  • Expertly made from premium materials

Looking for a reliable solution to keep your boat securely in place no matter how strong the wind or heavy the current? Then premium-quality anchors showcased on our virtual shelves are for you. Made using the finest materials and designed with performance in mind, they combine excellent holding power and ease of use. The anchors we carry bury themselves in the bottom of the sea, river, lake or other water bodies, ensuring your vessel will stay firmly in place in a variety of weather conditions. Highly resistant to corrosion and the elements, they are sure to withstand the most demanding marine environments. What’s more, the anchors are available in a wide range of shapes, so whether you want to dig into the sand, soft mud or something harder, we have the anchor for any bottom. We also offer anchors in a variety of sizes to ensure you’ll easily find the right solution for any type of watercraft, from small boats to big vessels.

For more than 30 years, Panther® has made premium-quality products to make your outdoor activities more comfortable and delightful. The company offers top-notch trim and tilts, outboard motor brackets, PRO series oil extractors, and many more. In recent years, Panther has expanded its product line with superior shallow water anchor systems, lower unit locks, as well as turnbuckle and transom bolt style locks. To bring you the latest in design and function, Panther uses up to date technology and the most advanced equipment. So you can be sure that when you choose Panther, you get nothing but first-rate products built to last.

Panther Waterspike 16 lbs Plated Steel Fluke Anchor
Panther Waterspike 16 lbs Plated Steel Fluke Anchor Sale price$109.99