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OJ SkiPro 314 3 Blade 13" x 12" Propeller

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Unsure of which prop you need for your boat? Please call or text our parts department at 780-481-4000.


The OJ SkiPro 3 Blade 13" x 12" propeller boasts an enhanced pitch distribution along with a new blade shape that produces better range of power. By refining their original superior design, OJ has produced their finest performing line of propellers. Providing the best of speed and pulling power, the OJ SkiPro propellers outrun and overpower the competition.

Tips To Find The Prop You Need:

Rotation, Diameter, Cup, Pitch & Shaft

Rotation is specific to the power train of the boat; if your boat needs a left-hand rotation propeller, you must use a left-hand rotation propeller.

In general, a larger diameter means more surface area, which means better transmission of power from the engine to the water. Typically the diameter is limited by clearance around the prop, which is very important to check.

Cup is the curvature of the blade at its edge, primarily translates to the amount of load the prop will put on the motor.

Pitch is the distance the prop would travel after making one full revolution. A lower numerical pitch number means higher engine RPMs relative to boat speed, which translates to better performance for slower speed activities.

The bore of the propeller is specific to the prop shaft that is on your boat. Shaft size is not interchangeable, you must use the correct size prop for your boat’s shaft or the prop won’t fit.

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OJ SkiPro 314 3 Blade 13" x 12" Propeller
OJ SkiPro 314 3 Blade 13" x 12" Propeller Sale price$649.95