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O'Brien Intent Wakeboard (Non-Current)

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Supercharged Performance

The Intent is the epitome of a performance boat board. It's fast, insanely responsive, has the explosiveness of a rocketship, and lands softer than an astronaut doing jumping jacks on the moon. While riding flat, it's loose and lively but put it on edge, and a mind-warping connection between you and the board builds as it morphs into an all-out wake charging machine. From this feeling on the water to the explosiveness off the wake, the Intent is in a league of its own, capable of elevating everyone's perception of what's possible on a board.


  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • Vector Net
  • Feather Core
  • Full Step-Down Rail
  • Variable Beveled Edge
  • Grab Rail
  • Center Spine
  • Delta Base
  • Inset Fins - Flank 0.7
O'Brien Intent Wakeboard (Non-Current)
O'Brien Intent Wakeboard (Non-Current) Sale price$279.99 Regular price$349.99