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Mountain Lab Snowmobile Ski Pull Strap

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Discover the simple and efficient way to move a stuck snowmobile without risking injury. From getting out of a tree well to escaping a creek, the Mountain Lab Ski Pull Strap is the ultimate solution for any tough situation.

This Ski Pull Strap is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easily portable in your pants pocket. With a pulling capacity of up to 3/4 ton, this strap is simple and efficient to use, making it a lifesaver in emergency situations.

Simply pass an end through a snowmobile ski loop and pull on both ends, or girth-hitch it to a ski and have two people pull. It’s simple, easy and a back-saver when it comes time to pull. A simple solution is often the easiest and safest!

Mountain Lab Snowmobile Ski Pull Strap
Mountain Lab Snowmobile Ski Pull Strap Sale price$24.99