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ABS A.Cross Day Pack Package Ski Backpack

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Comes With Shovel & Probe



Ski backpacks as well as snowboard backpack are special for the secured area. Secured terrain means prepared slopes and cleared ski routes, which are marked by the ski areas. Traditional ski backpacks are perfect for adventures in this terrain. The backpacks offer you storage space to stow everything you need. If space is at a premium, any backpack is suitable for this task. But when it comes to safety, normal ski backpacks unfortunately cannot compete. The new ABS A.CROSS combines exactly these aspects. It not only convinces with its minimalist design, but can also score points when it comes to safety.

The new ABS A.CROSS ski backpack is specially designed for all ski tours and adventures in secured terrain. The topic of safety should never be neglected. Avalanches are unpredictable and can happen right next to the secured terrain. To always be on the safe side, the A.CROSS backpack is equipped with a safety compartment. There is space for an avalanche shovel, avalanche probe and first aid kit. The ski touring backpack is the perfect companion for the next ski tour after work, but also for any other experience in the secured area. So you have no excuse to do without the extra safety on the mountain.


With the minimalist and functional day tours backpack ABS presents for the first time a ski backpack without ABS airbag system. In contrast to normal ski backpacks, the A.CROSS is equipped with a safety compartment and thus offers safety on the slopes. With its design and packing volume, the backpack is the perfect companion in secured terrain and for a short tour after work. It is characterized by its compactness and, with a volume of 8 litres, offers storage space for essential equipment. It is available as backpack for snowboarding and for skiing. It is also equipped with many additional features:

Safety compartment

The backpack is equipped with an integrated safety compartment that offers space for emergency equipment. Unlike normal backpacks, this means you always have the necessary equipment with you and have even more ski safety for the time you spend in the snow. In the so-called RescUnit there is enough space for shovel, probe and first aid kit. For this reason you never have to pack your equipment separately, it is always integrated in the backpack with safety compartment. The Emergency Flap allows access to the equipment with only one hand movement. The safety features such as the pulling system are specially marked in the red signal colour.

Carrying system

The combination of Strapsystem and the patented shoulder hoof strap allows quick adjustment of the backpack and is also weight-saving. The continuous length adjustment can be optimally adapted to the back and the fit by means of a handle. The padded carrying strap and the special back padding ensure ideal carrying comfort. In addition, the padding protects in case of a fall from equipment such as shovel and probe in backpack.

Extension system

If there is not enough space, there are various possibilities to increase the volume of the ski backpack. With the GripLab system you can adjust the universal straps as you wish. There is room for an additional jacket, helmet, ski or snowboard. If the storage space is still too small, the Extension Zipper. By opening the zipper, the base of the backpack can be extended and additional equipment can be stowed away easily. The Extension Zipper expands the volume in moments from 8 litres to 12 litres. If you need to carry more and the capacity has been increased from 8 to 12 litres, you can also attach the helmet to backpack . The additional helmet holder, which can be attached to the back of the ski backpack, serves this purpose. Accordingly, the backpack can be extended with a helmet holder and offers maximum space for additional equipment.


When do you need an avalanche backpack and when is the ski backpack sufficient? The essential difference is the airbag system. While ski backpacks are specially designed for secured terrain, an avalanche backpack is for adventures in open terrain. There you are as soon as you leave the marked routes, which can already be right next to the piste. In open terrain you are exposed to alpine dangers and avalanches can occur at any time. For this reason it is recommended to always have an avalanche backpack with emergency equipment in the so-called backcountry. Even if an avalanche backpack cannot prevent an avalanche, it still helps to keep you on the surface of the snow masses. In ski resorts, the approved slopes are specially prepared and checked for safe skiing. Therefore the risk of an avalanche is very low. However, an avalanche can also occur on the slopes next to the pistes. With the ABS A.CROSS ski backpack you are perfectly equipped for any incident, even in secured terrain.

ABS A.Cross Day Pack Package Ski Backpack
ABS A.Cross Day Pack Package Ski Backpack Sale price$299.99