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509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggle - Black Gum (Non-Current)

SKU: F02005700-000-910
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Feast your eyes on the new 509 Aviator 2.0 Goggle—snowmobiling’s most advanced optics. A first of its kind in powersports, it combines the maximum field of vision and optical clarity of a toric lens shape with the fast and easy 5MAG magnetic lens change system. Oversized for an epic view, this goggle can even accommodate prescription glasses underneath. Fits perfectly with 509 helmets and adjusts to all conditions with a full spectrum of spare lens tints sold separately.


  • 5MAG lens retention system
  • Soft goggle frame for unparalleled comfort and fit
  • Hard lens frame insures an optimal fit, and a great sealing with 5MAG Lens Retention System
  • OTG, Over The Glasses, compatible
  • Flow venting in Lens, and in frame
  • Easily replace lens on the trail for varying conditions
  • Improved tints, low light, and contrast improving technologies including polarized, photochromatic also available
509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggle - Black Gum (Non-Current)
509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggle - Black Gum (Non-Current) Sale price$169.99 Regular price$239.99