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Apparel & Accessories

Explore our wide selection of top brands, including Klim, O'Neill, Can-Am, and 509, offering everything you need for watersports, snowmobiling, on-road, and off-road excursions.  Shop now and gear up for your next adrenaline-fueled journey in style.

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Economisez $25.00Klim K Corp Hoodie black - ashphaltKlim K Corp Hoodie black- yellow
Klim K Corp Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$64.95 Prix normal$89.95
Klim Balaclava in blackKlim Balaclava in black - hi-vis
Klim Balaclava Prix de vente$44.95
Economisez $20.00Klim Corp Hoodie black camoKlim Corp Hoodie black -vibrant yellow
Klim Corp Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$59.95 Prix normal$79.95
Klim Neck Warmer hi-visKockout pink Klim Neck Warmer
Klim Neck Warmer Prix de vente$34.95
Economisez $15.00Klim Kinetic Short Sleeve T-shirt  in black
Klim Kinetic Short Sleeve T-shirt (Non-Current) Prix de vente$19.95 Prix normal$34.95
Klim Glacier Balaclava
Klim Glacier Balaclava Prix de vente$79.95
Economisez $100.00Klim Transition Hoodie race specKlim Transition Hoodie petrol
Klim Transition Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$99.95 Prix normal$199.95
Klim Arctic Balaclava in blackKlim Arctic Balaclava hi-vis
Klim Arctic Balaclava Prix de vente$84.95
Klim Covert BalaclavaKlim Covert Balaclava
Klim Covert Balaclava Prix de vente$64.95
Klim Override Jacket in blackKlim Override Jacket in electric blue lemonade
Klim Override Jacket Prix de vente$269.95
Economisez $15.00Klim Pom Beanie black - grayKlim Pom Beanie denim- white
Klim Pom Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.95 Prix normal$39.95
Surfinity Heated Boat BlanketSurfinity Heated Boat Blanket
Surfinity Heated Boat Blanket Prix de vente$189.99
Economisez $10.00Klim Glacier Hat in black
Klim Glacier Hat (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.95 Prix normal$34.95
Economisez $30.00Klim Kute Korp Hoodie in black - roseKlim Kute Korp Hoodie in Dusty Rose
Klim Kute Korp Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$49.95 Prix normal$79.95
Economisez $15.00509 Legacy T-Shirt 509 Legacy T-Shirt  charcoal grey
509 Legacy T-Shirt (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.99 Prix normal$39.99
Economisez $160.00Black Klim Women's Luna JacketBlack Klim Women's Luna Jacket
Klim Women's Luna Jacket (Non-Current) Prix de vente$199.95 Prix normal$359.95
Economisez $70.00509 Tech Zip Hoodie
509 Tech Zip Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$59.99 Prix normal$129.99
Economisez $50.00Klim Women's Sundance Pant
Klim Women's Sundance Pant (Non-Current) Prix de vente$49.95 Prix normal$99.95
Economisez $10.00Klim Squad SS T-Shirt blackKlim Squad SS T-Shirt
Klim Squad SS T-Shirt (Non-Current) Prix de vente$29.95 Prix normal$39.95
Klim Override Alloy JacketKlim Override Alloy Jacket in red
Klim Override Alloy Jacket Prix de vente$229.95
Economisez $7.00Klim Bomber Beanie
Klim Bomber Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$17.95 Prix normal$24.95
Economisez $30.00Klim Backcountry Edition Hoodie
Klim Backcountry Edition Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$59.95 Prix normal$89.95
Klim Defender Hoodie
Klim Defender Hoodie Prix de vente$149.95
Economisez $20.00TOBE Moose T-Shirt
TOBE Moose T-Shirt (Non-Current) Prix de vente$19.99 Prix normal$39.99
Economisez $170.00Klim Inversion JacketKlim Inversion Jacket
Klim Inversion Jacket (Non-Current) Prix de vente$149.95 Prix normal$319.95
Ski-Doo Ultimate Trail Balaclava
Klim BeanieKlim Beanie
Klim Beanie Prix de vente$39.95
Economisez $55.00Klim Boulder Jacket blueKlim Boulder Jacket
Klim Boulder Jacket (Non-Current) Prix de vente$314.95 Prix normal$369.95
Economisez $30.00Black Klim Women's Coast HoodieForest Camo - Knockout Pink Klim Women's Coast Hoodie
Klim Women's Coast Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$39.95 Prix normal$69.95
Economisez $50.00509 Tech Flannel509 Tech Flannel in red navy check
509 Tech Flannel Shirt (Non-Current) Prix de vente$89.99 Prix normal$139.99
Sea-Doo Sand Polarized Floating SunglassesSea-Doo Sand Polarized Floating Sunglasses
Economisez $10.00Klim Icon Snap Hat black and whiteKlim Icon Snap Hat grey and white
Klim Icon Snap Hat (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.95 Prix normal$34.95
Klim Women's Vista Hoodie black goldKlim Women's Vista Hoodie asphalt black
Economisez $6.00Klim Slope Beanie in grayKlim Slope Beanie in white
Klim Slope Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$33.95 Prix normal$39.95
Ski-Doo Signature CapSki-Doo Signature Cap
Ski-Doo Signature Cap Prix de vente$25.99
Economisez $30.00Phase Five Board Short
Phase Five Board Short (Non-Current) Prix de vente$39.99 Prix normal$69.99
Ski-Doo Alps T-ShirtSki-Doo Alps T-Shirt
Ski-Doo Alps T-Shirt Prix de vente$30.99
Ski-Doo SledSki-Doo Sled
Ski-Doo Sled Prix de vente$51.99
Mission Boat Hammock TealMission Boat Hammock Grey
Mission Boat Hammock Prix de vente$71.99
Klim K Corp Short Sleeve Men's T-ShirtKlim K Corp Short Sleeve Men's T-Shirt in grey
Gears Coolmax Balaclava Winter Ski Mask
Gears Coolmax Balaclava Prix de vente$16.99
Economisez $18.00509 Fleck Pom Beanie509 Fleck Pom Beanie in Tamarack Fleck
509 Fleck Pom Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$14.99 Prix normal$32.99
Ride in style with the Klim Rider Hat. This Flexfit cap features an embroidered Klim logo.
Klim Rider Hat (Non-Current) Prix de vente$34.95
Economisez $70.00509 Women's Tech Zip Hoodie (Non-Current)509 Women's Tech Zip Hoodie (Non-Current)
509 Women's Tech Zip Hoodie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$59.99 Prix normal$129.99
Economisez $160.00Black Klim Boulder JacketBlack Klim Boulder Jacket
Klim Boulder Jacket (Non-Current) Prix de vente$249.95 Prix normal$409.95
Economisez $15.00Klim Beanie
Klim Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.95 Prix normal$39.95
Economisez $10.00Klim Canyon Beanie
Klim Canyon Beanie (Non-Current) Prix de vente$24.95 Prix normal$34.95
Klim Alpha HoodieKlim Alpha Hoodie
Klim Alpha Hoodie Prix de vente$129.95