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Article: Best Electric Bike: How to Pick the Best Ebike for Your Lifestyle

Best Electric Bike: How to Pick the Best Ebike for Your Lifestyle
Best electric bike

Best Electric Bike: How to Pick the Best Ebike for Your Lifestyle

Bike enthusiasts around the world are making the shift toward Electric Bikes (or Ebikes). With improvements to battery life, design, and accessibility, it’s no surprise that Ebikes are taking the world by storm 

The best electric bike on the market is the one that fits your lifestyle. Lucky for you, electric bikes have advanced beyond one basic model and offer an array of features across various models. Not only can you choose between colorsbut you can also choose a bike based on your riding habits. So, how do you determine which electric bike to invest in? Let us review some common riding styles and features within Vamoose Electric Bikes and find out. 

Electric Mountain Bike for the Adventurer 

There’s no shortage of trails to explore off the beaten path. Whether you’re heading to the Rocky Mountains, exploring the trails around the campground this summer, or in need of a heavier duty electric bike to commute to work - the Vamoose Mammoth series has you covered! 

Go further with these four Vamoose Mammoth ebikes that all have incredible standard features like dual 52V 750W motors (front and rear) for exceptional power and torque. Bonus: if you need some extra power, you can also add an additional 52V 15Ah battery to take you even farther (1850 watt-hours and 150 km)!  

Here are six E Mountain Bikes to choose from: 

Vamoose Super Mammoth X 750 SO

The Super Mammoth improves both precision and control with an added torque sensor. The added torque sensor also improves precision and control.


Vamoose Mammoth X 500 SO

Don't need the Super version? The Vamoose Mammoth X 500 AWD Ebike comes in at a slightly lower price while still being packed with power when you need it most



This model is packed with the features you love but designed with a step-through frame for your comfort. 




Another comfortable step-through option, but this time with a smaller frame 16.5” aircraft aluminum frame. 



The Super ODIN X is a full suspension, 52V 500W mountain crusher, with a torque sensor, 4.8" MAXXIS tires, and a monster 52V 20Ah battery. The Super ODIN X mountain bike brings enjoyment to trails full of bumps and chatter. 




With its impact-reducing front and rear shocks that bear the brunt of trail impacts, the ODIN has been designed to dramatically reduce the impact on the rider while increasing traction and creating a very forgiving and enjoyable ride. 




Ebike for Commuting 

More people are choosing to bike to work. However, sometimes the distance between home and work can be intimidating!  

Investing in a commuter e bike is a fantastic way to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, save money on gas and find new ways to adventure.  

If you're looking for the best electric bike for commuting, then you've come to the right place. Vamoose has a series of four Ebikes that could be a great fit for your commute.


Vamoose City Cruiser

With comfort to match our larger sand and snow cruisers, the Vamoose City Cruiser takes commuting and touring in the city to another level! The City Cruiser comes standard with 26” x 2.4” tires making it perfect for on the road or paved city paths.


Vamoose Cruiser X ST 

Cruise to work, and cruise to adventures, DO MORE on your Canadian Road and Trail compliant cycle. Climb steeper hills, carve through more technical terrain, tow a trailer, float over rocks and roots with power to spare. 




Vamoose Cruiser X SO 

This Vamoose Cruiser is centered on comfort. With an upright seating position geometry, a super cushy saddle and swept-back handlebars with retro low-slung styling this Vamoose sand and snow Cruiser is synonymous with cool. 




The Vamoose Ranger is a 500W rear hub driven, front suspension, folding cycle that will take you where you want to go and won't be troublesome when you need to take it somewhere. With small folding dimensions, this folding fat tire cycle will fit in a vehicle or small space for storage or transport.




Tricycle Ebike 

Here's a new way to run your errands! E bike trikes are gaining popularity thanks to their comfort, style and functionality. With a low step (about 15"), this Vamoose Tri-Cycle ST is also ideal for anyone with hip or mobility challenges and comes standard with a folding handlebar stem to improve stowing. As well, the Vamoose Tri-Cycle ST comes standard with a large capacity rear rack and an optional front rack is also available for additional convenience. 


The Vamoose Tri-Cycle ST is the ideal electric cycle for getting around town, making a grocery run, commuting to work, or cruising around the neighborhood. With three fat tires on the pavement, the Vamoose Tri-Cycle ST is ideal for anyone looking for extra stability, comfort, and control in their ride. 



Which Electric Bike is Best? 

You can spend time comparing makes and models, but we encourage you to come down and test a Vamoose Ebike out for yourself and find the one that feels right. Our friendly team will help pair you with your perfect ebike and give you an opportunity to test one out at our West EdmontonSouth EdmontonKelownaSaskatoon and Calgary locations*Please call ahead for a test ride so that we can ensure the bike you're interested in is built and ready to ride.

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