ZUP YouGotThis 2.0 Board With Double ZUP 2.0 Handle

ZUP-4069 & ZUP-4328
by ZUP
Save $58.00

*Handle Included In Price*

The one that does it all! This Board offers riders of the largest variety the chance to lay, kneel, stand and so much more! Easy for the most amateur rider but still offering more experienced riders the ability to be challenged. Friendly and stable, the YouGotThis2.0 is ZUP’s “User’s Choice!”

Included is the hugely popular DoubleZUP Tow Handle and Rope. Designed for the new ZUP Water Sports Board (see SKU ZUP) but also plays well with other Towable Water Sports (Skis, Wakeboards etc.). When Starting-Out this Handle Takes-All-the-Strain-Out of the Ride by Connecting-Directly to the ZUP Board! When you want to change your riding position or just need a relaxing break Double ZUP makes it Easy-and-Safe to reattach your Tow Rope to the ZUP Board. The Double ZUP Tow Handle & Rope has a Bright Lime-Yellow Float on the Handle making it Highly Visible in the water.

  • For Beginners to Intermediate riders; Comfortable, non-skid EVA foam padding allows for multiple foot positions anywhere on the board
  • Easy slip-in Multifunctional Foot Straps that are also Elbow Pads & Kneepads as needed; Friendly, Stable Hydrodynamics (won’t catch an edge) with a very buoyant board
  • Indestructible molded-in safe side handles make transitions easier and carving more fun
  • Integrated front tow hook holds rope making it easy to use for any age