O'Brien Booker 3 Tube

by O'Brien
$420.00 CAD
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BOOKER 3 U-Deck Series

The brand new Booker 3 has every rider raving about how secure they feel with the tubeís angled sides. With 3 handles running along each side and 6 handles towards the front, riders have multiple grip options and can help direct how the tube rides on the water. The SofTec top takes it to a new level and makes this U-Deck series tube a guaranteed winner.

This O’Brien towable boat tube has a maximum capacity of up to 3 people or 510 lbs.

Use a tensile strength towrope of 3,350 lbs.



This industry exclusive fabric provides our softest ride yet! It covers the entire riding surface and eliminates unnecessary seams, so you can enjoy your ride all day without abrasion!
Size: 70" x 58"
Max. Riders: Up to 3 riders or 510 lbs
Bladder: 26/24 Gauge
Cover: Fully covered 840D nylon
Handles: 12 soft webbing handles
Top Deck: SofTec
Tow Hook: Quick connect tow hook
Valves: 1 lighting valve