O'Brien 5150 Rush Kneeboard

by O'Brien
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The O’Brien Rush 5150 has simply been the most dominant kneeboard ever
designed. The Rush 5150 is an outstanding choice for larger riders due to its’
larger template outline (increased surface area) and its’ stiffer flex profile. The
5150’s wet surface is very fast, efficient and produces a HUGE amount of lift.
Known for its’ incredibly forgiving characteristics, the aggressive rocker line and
variable bevels provide smooth predictable edge-to-edge transitions. The 5150’s
pad has ultra deep kneewells and dual density EVA construction for exceptional
comfort and control. Equally at ease riding forwards or backwards, the versatile
5150 will take your riding to new levels.

2:1 ratio fully padded Cinch Strap for ultimate hold.
Aggressive Rocker line.
Hand turned bevels.
Deep shock absorbing knee wells.


Obrien Features

Maximum float and minimum weight. Our new Feather Core is developed to reduce weight for more control in the air and to maintain it’s profile up the transition of the wake for maximum boost. Built for pure boat performance.