Klim Oculus Goggle (Non-Current)

by Klim
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The KLIM Oculus Goggle is designed with one purpose in mind: to give you the best possible vision on the snow. This was accomplished by addressing the three pain points of all goggles: changing light conditions, fogging and field of vision. The Oculus system with KLIM Slide-Lock technology allows you to quickly and easily change lenses in the field to deal with changing light conditions-essentially it’s like having (up to) three goggles with you in a very compact package. The included heat-formed case allows you to carry an (included) extra lens plus one upgrade lens (not included) with you on your next ride. The Oculus is engineered with the latest anti-fogging technologies such as unparalleled air circulation, massive internal air volume and the KLIM CLEAR anti-fog technology. The spherical, optically correct lens design provides unprecedented peripheral vision and clarity.