ABS Vario Avalanche Airbag Backpack Complete Package With 22L Snowmobile Cover & Activation Unit

by ABS
Save $600.00

Includes Activation Unit (Cartridge & Trigger), base unit and 22L Snowmobile Zip-On Cover. The 22L cover is snowmobile specific, and offers external storage for your shovel and probe, with 22L of interior storage for all your gear.

The thoroughly tested ABS® TwinBag system offers two airbags for double safety and is integrated into the Base Unit. The shape and position of the ABS® TwinBags increase the chances of staying on the surface of the avalanche significantly. The Vario Zip-on packs with volumes between 8l and 45+5l offer an unlimited range of possible combinations to meet all requirements. You don't have to convert the ABS® system, just change the Zip-on. There is no need to interfere with important system components.

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