ABS Powder Avalanche Airbag Backpack Complete Package With 22L Snowmobile Cover & Activation Unit

by ABS
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Includes Activation Unit (Cartridge & Trigger), base unit and 22L Snowmobile Zip-On Cover. The 22L Cover is snowmobile specific, and offers external shovel and probe storage, with 22L of internal storage for  any other gear.

Add the ABS Powder Hip Belt Extension to increase the length by 6 inches

 The ABS Powder is one of the smallest, lightest, most compact packs available and features a velcro waistband and parachute clip for a snug fit. This pack is meant for active riders who don't like to carry much in their backpacks.

The thoroughly tested ABS® TwinBag system offers two airbags for double safety and is integrated into the Base Unit. The shape and position of the ABS® TwinBags increase the chances of staying on the surface of the avalanche significantly. The Vario Zip-on packs with volumes between 8l and 45+5l offer an unlimited range of possible combinations to meet all requirements. You don't have to convert the ABS® system, just change the Zip-on. There is no need to interfere with important system components.

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