ABS A.Ssure Avalanche Gear Kit

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Anyone who travels in unsecured terrain must always keep an avalanche run in mind. For this reason, the avalanche set is part of the necessary equipment for a ski tour. The ABS avalanche set consists of an avalanche shovel, an avalanche probe and a first aid kit . In addition, you should also have an avalanche transceiver with you to complete your emergency equipment - ideally, all these items are stored in an avalanche backpack. Then you are well equipped for your next adventure.


The ABS set is perfectly coordinated. Thanks to the integrated design, both the probe and the first aid kit can be integrated into the shovel. The avalanche safety equipment can be stowed together in the ABS avalanche backpack. The RescUnit offers enough space for this and can provide quick access in an emergency. The products of the avalanche set are marked with a signal color to be quickly ready for use in case of an avalanche. Furthermore, it is possible to attach the Beacon to the equipment in order to track the individual parts with the help of the ABS A.WAY app. This way you can always check with your smartphone if all the equipment is with you and nothing has been forgotten at home.

Avalanche shovel

The ABS A.SSURE avalanche set includes a lightweight shovel made of aviation aluminum. Despite its low weight, it is stable and an ideal companion for every ski tour or freeriding. The avalanche shovel aluminium is 3-piece and can be transported in a space-saving way. The light avalanche shovel has a weight of 530g. The probe and the first aid kit can be integrated into the shovel and therefore have a minimum packing size.

Avalanche probe

The ABS avalanche shovel set also includes an avalanche probe in the same design. The segments of the probe are connected by a particularly tear-resistant and durable Dyneema cord. During deployment and use, the probe is stretched over this cord. The 7-piece probe is made of aluminium and can be mounted in the avalanche shovel with small packing size.

First aid kit

With the first aid kit the safety set can be completed. It enables good first aid in an emergency and can be ideally integrated in the A.SSURE set and stowed together in the RescUnit . The set contains tweezers, triangular scarf, compresses, rescue blanket, multi bandages, plasters and bandages.


The avalanche set is used in the search for a buried subject. In case of a burial every minute counts, so you need support from the complete Team. The burial area can be large - for this reason you should first get an overview. If the disappearance and detection points are known, they are marked. If there are no buried subjects in sight, the search starts with the avalanche transceivers. To do this, the devices must first be switched from transmit to receive. As long as there is no signal, you are moving straight down the avalanche cone. The search speed is quite fast.

The coarse search starts from the initial reception. With the 3-antenna avalanche transceiver the search is relatively simple. The device must not be swivelled back and forth for this purpose, but carried in a fixed position in front of the stomach. As soon as a signal/distance of about 3 meters is received, the fine search begins. The search is now much slower and the avalanche transceiver is brought closer to the snow cover. The point at which the distance is shortest serves as a marking function. Then the device is moved parallel to the left and right, this process is called crossing. At the point of the smallest distance one begins with the sounding. The avalanche probe application - it is best to probe in the form of an angular spiral with a stitch distance of 30cm.

Once the buried subject has been located, the shoveling begins quickly but in an organized manner. The most important thing is to dig out the head and clear the airways of snow. Afterwards, first aid begins until the Team of the mountain rescue service arrives.