509 Sinister XL6 Goggle - Black Hi-Vis (Non-Current)

by 509
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12 YEARS AND ALMOST 1,000,000 SNOWMOBILE GOGGLES / That is the recipe behind our innovative new Sinister X6 goggle. 12 years ago we created an industry with the launch of our original Sinister goggle. Our vision to develop the world’s most technologically advanced, highest performing, fog-free goggle culminates with our biggest product launch ever. Introducing the all-new Sinister X6 snow goggle from 509.

THE X6 FEATURES A TWO-PART DUAL COMPOUND FRAME THAT PROVIDES A PLUSH, PERFECT-FIT COMBINED WITH A RIGID LENS SEAL USING OUR INNOVATIVE FRONT-LOADING LENS SYSTEM / This F.L.L.S technology allows you to swap Goggles in mere seconds. Our industry-first rotational locking outrigger ensures your lens stays firmly sealed preventing snow, dust, and debris from entering the goggle. Fog will be a thing of the past with our premium dual-pane Italian sourced lens with industry best Super Anti-Fog technology. Vision is everything while on the snow, so in addition to a fog-free experience, you can also expect an unmatched field of view with our carefully crafted Phantom frame technology and oversized premium lens. The X6 was designed to maximize the lens to frame ratio for the ultimate field of view that is 10% larger than our X5 goggle.  THE X6 IS BEING HAILED AS THE NEXT BIG THING IN SNOW GOGGLE PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY / Combined with our 509 Helmets and you’ll experience our industry-leading perfect fit system. Upgrade your vision, upgrade your ride with the all-new Sinister X6 goggle from 509. Available in Ignite heated, Photochromatic, Polarized, and Fuzion lens technologies.

XL Goggle Feature
The new XL goggles from 509 were designed to perform in the coldest and harshest snowmobiling conditions imaginable. Available exclusively on our Sinister X6, Revolver, and Kingpin chassis, the XL features a 20% increase in face foam. This XL foam provides an increased cold and wind-blocking footprint to ensure you have no exposed skin and are completely comfortable no matter the conditions.